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After the Wound Heals, We’re Gonna Get Wild

Poem by Justin Karcher

Inspired by "Rock of Ages" at D'Youville's Kavinoky Theatre

a muscular man with a bare chest and tattoos, wearing sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and lots of jewelry, holding an electric guitar
Anthony Alcocer in "Rock of Ages" at D'Youville's Kavinoky Theatre

Ever since I moved back to the Elmwood Village,

I’m constantly wondering who’s building this city.

Always in a state of limbo. You can’t tell anymore

what’s being constructed and what’s being demolished.

It depends on your state of mind

and I’ve gotta take a little time to think things over.

There’s been heartache and pain. Running with the shadows.

Some people I talk to, they’re so tired of being broken

that they become frozen in time. Hanging on the promises

in songs of yesterday. Eventually, they become streetlights.

Their shine no longer belongs to them. It’s not like living

in paradise, but I won’t stop believing that someday this movie will end.

Imagine just motoring along and doing the same old shit

when suddenly you hear Buffalo cry out: “I’m not gonna take it!”

Then the sounds of a stampede, hooves on asphalt

and overgrown grass. Change has never been this fast.

You quickly diffuse the love-bomb you’ve been holding

in your heart. You unpick a fight and stare down

the long road to recovery. Thousands of inner sparks

coming together as one. More alive than ever before.

The streetlights are on the move. It’s all so blinding

and you can’t see what’s right in front of you,

but you follow them anyway. Until you find yourself

in a sleazy dive bar at the edge of the river.

There’s music everywhere. Cowgirls using tweezers

to pull out their splinters. Hangmen in the bathroom

softening their wrecking balls. What happens

when you lose the beat and want it back.

When you find yourself home again on a ship of fools.

Rocking and rolling and trying to get better every day.


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