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Auditions for 2020-2021 at Alleyway

Christ Handley wants YOU! (to audition).

Alleyway Theatre has announced auditions for the 2020-2021 season, its first under the leadership of incoming Artistic Director Chris J Handley. Equity and non-equity contracts are available.

2020-2021 will be the theater's 41st season of producing new plays and original musicals in its iconic Art Moderne home on Main Street in the heart of Buffalo's Theatre District.

Auditions are by appointment only at the theater on Friday February 7, 2020 from 12 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday February 8 from 2:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Handley would like to welcome "everyone, old friends and new," to audition.

The notice emphasizes a desire for a diverse company of actors "to play various musical, dramatic and comedic roles."

In addition to the main stage offerings, Handley's season will include "various developmental readings and workshops of new plays and musicals," and Alleyway is looking for "new talent for the annual Buffalo Quickies evening of shorts works, as well as replacements and understudies for future installments fo The Golden Girls: Lost Episodes, and of A Christmas Carol.

Auditioning actors are ask to be prepared with a short monologue, or two. Those seeking to be considered for musicals should prepare a short contemporary musical theater song, or two. An accompanist will be provided on February 8 only.

For an audition appointment email with AUDITIONS (Your Name) in the subject line and your preferred time and day, along with a headshot/resume attached.

Child actors will not be seen at this time. Auditions for youth roles will be held at a later date.

Additional information about shows in the season is as follows:

SHOW #1: REGIONAL PREMIERE PLAY Rehearsals begin mid-August 2020 Performances: September/October 2020

It is now, the late 1990s, and the late 1890s. In middle school and inside a computer game, traveling through time and discovering how life meets technology and sadness mends.


  • A contemporary young woman, prone to overthinking things, easily frustrated, but with a fierce desire to go on, that wanes as she grows (20s-30s)

  • The slightly OCD sister, always upbeat. (20s-30s)

  • The hottest pre-pubescent guy in school (20s-30s)

  • A young girl traversing the country with her family, back in the days (20s-30s)

  • Their father (40s-60s)A voice


Rehearsals: late December thru January Performances: January – March, 2021

This is a wild and crazy show, mixing political satire, pop culture references, B-movie tropes, and beats straight out of the Rodgers and Hammerstein playbook to create a totally new, contemporary musical comedy. An American prophecy foretells that a terrifying monster will emerge soon after the dawn of the 21st century to wreak havoc on the country. Once upon a time, Harry and Harvey, scientists and lovers, had proven its legitimacy, but they were laughed out of Stanford and split apart, never to see each other again….


  • HARRY – a handsome, cocksure reality television star and science professor. He’s sexy, sharp, and carries himself with the swag and charm of Hugh Jackman with a jacked-up IQ. But despite all of his success, he craves more – the chance to make a difference in the world.  Tenor.

  • HARVEY – once an adventurous, bold scientist in a passionate love affair with Harry, he now is a nebbish, closeted Sunday school teacher in the South. He’s completely lovable and endearing in every way, but it’s buried under a few layers of self-loathing, a generous sprinkling of self-deception, and a deep inability to stand up for himself, particularly against his wife. Baritone.

  • BEATRICE “BEARD” – Harvey’s newfound wife. His self-professed savior, she steadfastly clings to her family values. On the outside, she is a perky, bubbly and seemingly-kind hearted church lady. But it’s masking a deep insecurity that her husband will one day leave her, shattering her perceptions of what is good and right in the world. Once those perceptions shatter, she will unleash hell upon all those who stand in her way. If a demon hijacked Megan Mullally and then hid inside of Julie Andrews. Soprano belt.

  • TRISCH – Harry’s T.A. She takes her job incredibly seriously and aspires to be the best T.A. in the world. As such, she’s his confidante, always at his side and willing to do anything for her boss. Belt.

  • ENSEMBLE – Men and Women of all kinds. They portray myriad characters, including CONGRESSMEN, CREEPY SUNDAY SCHOOL KIDS, and the dreaded beast itself.


Rehearsals begin April 2021 Performances: April/May 2021

In Virginia, a dude comes face to face with a bear while on a hike. He survives, but the experience is enough to freak him out, sending him on a search to discover what he’s done with his life, who he’s spending it with, why that’s the case, and if he should be on a different path. In other words, it’s the story of how a too-cool-for-school-12-year-old and a Zeppelin-loving-Asian-American-lawyer shake a boring teacher out of his groove.


  • PETE — a Peer Gynt of sorts, a white guy in his thirties, a teacher

  • SOOJIN — an Asian American woman in her thirties or forties, a lawyer

  • VICKY — a Solveig of sorts, an early middle-aged woman of any race, a teacher

  • MASON — a 12-year-old pain in the ass, the Little Stevie Wonder of online multiplayer gaming (could – and maybe should – be played by a young woman)

For developing audition and show information, see:


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