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Auditions for "Bus Stop"

Aurora Players posts audition notice


Director Michael Breen will hold auditions for the March 2020 Aurora Players production of William Inge’s American classic, Bus Stop on Monday, January 13th, and Tuesday, January 14th at 7 p.m. at the Roycroft Pavilion in Hamlin Park, East Aurora.

If necessary, callbacks will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Performances: March 6-8, 13-15, 20-22

More information and an audition form can be found on the Aurora Players


Performances: March 6-8, 13-15, 20-22

Character Descriptions:

Elma Duckworth: (age: 15-18) Elma is an innocent and naive high-schooler, full of dreams, working as a waitress at the Bus Stop diner.

Cherie: (age: 20-26) A nightclub chanteuse (a singer - ability to hold a tune important, but doesn't have to be a great singer), pretty, fragile, grew up too fast. She wears too much makeup and is from the Ozarks. She has a southern accent.

Grace Hoyland: (age: 40-60) Owns the diner. Her husband deserted her years ago and she's finally come to terms with life. She's wise and motherly, but can be a bit of a flirt if the right man is around.

Bo Decker: (age: 20-30) Ranch owner, attractive, cowboy, brash, impulsive, naive, child-like, innocent and simple.

Virgil Blessing: (age: 40's-50's) Ranch hand, good-hearted simple cowboy, like a father to Bo, laid back, plays guitar a bit.

Will Masters: (age: 40-mid 50's) Sheriff, big, stern, means business but friendly.

Dr. Gerald Lyman: (age: 50-60's) Former professor. Graying, alcoholic, divorced, struggling with his inner demons.

Carl: (age: 40-60) Bus driver, hearty, a flirt, has seen just about everything.


The play is set in a diner about 25 miles west of Kansas City in early March 1955. A freak snowstorm has halted the progress of the bus, and the eight characters (five on the bus) have a weather-enforced layover in the diner from approximately 1 to 5 am. Romantic or quasi-romantic relationships ensue between Grace and Carl, Professor Lyman and Elma, and Cherie and Bo. Virgil and Will are the older authority figures outside the relationships.


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