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Fundraiser for the Kreutinger Krew

A party to help with healthcare, childcare, and living expenses

a smiling family
The Kreutingers: Freddie, Adam, Maria, and Ernie

On January 6, 2023, from 6-8 p.m., St. Mark School at 399 Woodward Avenue in North Buffalo, will host an event to support beloved puppeteer, dramatist, teacher, and all-round great guy Adam Kreutinger and his family. Tickets will be available at the door for $25 /person.

As many in the Buffalo theater community already know, on July 13th, Adam experienced a seizure that led to a diagnosis of Stage 3 brain cancer. Since then, he’s been undergoing a demanding treatment regimen, with support from his wife, actor/puppeteer Maria Droz Kreutinger, his children Freddie (3) and Ernie (1), and their friends and family. The funds raised at this event will help with healthcare, childcare, and living expenses.

Many in Western New York know “Mr. Kreutinger” as an art teacher: he works in the Orchard

Park Schools and previously taught at St. Mark School. As an actor, director, playwright, and magician with deep ties to the WNY theater community, Adam’s credits range from Artpark and Alleyway, to the Theatre of Youth, the Palace Theatre in Lockport, and numerous middle- and high-school stages where he served as director.

He is best known worldwide as a puppeteer, puppet-maker, and the talent behind the popular Puppet Nerd YouTube channel. He also achieved a moment of international celebrity when a video of Adam making Maria’s wedding dress was re-posted by actor-activist-author-influencer George Takei.

The party in St. Mark School gymnasium will feature food and drink (beer, wine, pop, and pizza), music by Rusty Droz (Adams’s father-in-law), and a basket raffle, with more than 20 prizes and gift baskets from local businesses and celebrities, and a general good time! Limited parking will be available in the school lot on Summit.

Visit the Facebook event page or contact Aidan Ryan with questions.

More Information

Adam Kreutinger explains his diagnosis:


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