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Opening Shots: "The Siegel"

The Lightbulb Project presents the Michael Mitnick comedy at Alleyway Theatre

three people in covid masks
Another glamorous night out during a pandemic. Theater folk Steve Copps (left) and Kelly Copps (right) congratulate Amanda Borowski, who plays Alice.

people in covid masks at a party
Opening night became an impromptu Casting Hall reunion as Buffalo State students and alumni turned out to support alumnus Michael Mack, who stars as the title character. Left to right: Corey Gorski, Jesse Zappia, Michael Mack, Elise Vullo, and Jake Grear

Lisa Vitrano who plays Deborah with actor Pamela Rose Mangus

Actors Guy Tomassi and Annie DeFazio attend the opening night.

The new mural at the Alleyway reminds me of those chunky ashtrays at the old Stork Club in New York City. Before the photographer snapped your pic, the staff would put one of the iconic ash trays into the frame, making every candid photo a publicity shot for the famed nightclub on 53rd Street.

A Stork Club ashtray would be placed on the table, even if the event was a family dinner or kids' birthday party!

The Stork Club ashtray was ubiquitous -- even if it was a kids' birthday party!

Finally, to pique your interest, here is a slideshow of production photos from the Lightbulb Project production of Michael Mitnick's comedy, "The Siegel," playing at Alleyway Theatre, through February 20th.


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