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Poem to Inspire Artists who are Occasionally Discouraged

But it's worth it ... keep that in mind.

A Poem for Artists When They Get Depressed


When you’re living your best life

you’re hanging out with Shakespearean safety nets

Macbeth drinking Nyquil all night

he’s literally seeing things that aren’t there

moving forests

not really forests

more like alcoholic trees that got into car accidents

now they’re trying to rehab their limbs

slowly walking on treadmills for basically the rest of time

the things we do for our roots

but it’s worth it

keep that in mind

‘cause some nights

you’ll feel like a cocktail napkin

scattering across the wind

a dirty little thing

tattooed in missed connections and Rorschach stains

‘cause some nights

you’ll be sitting on a couch of thorns

trying to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets

to someone who’s not listening

you’ll wanna scream out, “My God, my God

why have you forsaken me?”

you don’t

but maybe you should

look through any window

the city doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

more like a serial killer

getting away with murder

trying to hide evidence of its atrocities

mountains of crumpled ATM receipts

a negative balance, running as fast as you can

feels like the future is spinning out of orbit

the perfect script in a language you can’t read

characters you’re scared to understand

the ghosts of beautiful teenagers

crying in front of vape stores

or astronauts floating

into the arms of an apathetic audience

addiction comes in many forms

maybe you should take it slow

but you’re so close

it’s just that

some days are worse than others

when the sun isn’t shining

when it feels like all your friends are avoiding you

it’s not just a cold

it’s sickness behavior

when you can’t find the strength

to leave the house

when you’re calling different tattoo shops

asking if they can tattoo your resume

your headshot

all over your body

‘cause you want to broadcast

your overqualified millennial sins

‘cause you have a dream

that one day

you’ll walk naked

into the places

where you used to work

offices, restaurants, bars, malls

‘cause you want to show America

how much you’ve tried

how ambitious you once were

but never forget your passions

‘cause some nights are still magical

when you’re in tune with everything

listening to firetrucks blasting their sirens

imagining they’re writing love letters

to dormant volcanos

a million miles away

the firetrucks are noisy

‘cause emotions are getting the best of them

and that’s okay

that’s the way it should be

nothing’s lost forever

sometimes we all just need a little help

sometimes it’s quite noisy living here

sometimes it seems impossible

to reignite your inner flame

but it can be done


in winter

abandoned children fall from the sky

summer’s when songbirds do too many drugs

in fall

candles turn toxic & violently crawl into pumpkins

spring rains force earthworms out of their homes

but you have to be strong


the goal of this poem

armor you wear

when you feel you’re unable to create

when lovers leave

when good friends die

when storm clouds hover

when reality seems too overbearing

but all things pass

it’s gonna be okay


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