• Anthony Chase

Raíces Theater Company

Desde el puente: the musical

Opening night of locally written, culturally specific ten-minute musicals about the Latin experience, at the Manny Fried Playhouse

Los señores Maggiolo: Carlos I y Carlos II

Playwrights, directors, and stars: Lissette DeJesús and Victoria Pérez

Blue-eyed devil Steve Brachmann and Maria Pérez-Gómez. Steve plays several roles and Maria served as playwright, actor, and director

Actor Alejandro Gabriel Gómez with Music Director Kevin Doyle

Javier Bustillos and actor Smirna Mercedes-Pérez

Actor Melinda Capeles attends the opening night and visits with actor Rolando Martín Gómez hijo, who makes his Buffalo stage debut. (See you at the Arties, Rolando -- Monday, June 3rd)

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