• Anthony Chase

Second Generation Annual Fundraiser

An auction and an awesome show. Actors singing songs for which they are inappropriate. It was great fun.

Handsome Nicholas Toller waits patiently for his husband, actor Marc Sacco to perform.

Director Kyle LoConti and Lisa Ludwig, actor and managing director of Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Board member Frederick McAdam with Maria Gambino

Actor Arianne Davidow and musician Brian McMahon

Matt Gilbert settles in to see the show.

Shea's president Michael Murphy with actor Steve Jakiel

Board President Jon Dandes with actor Michelle Roberts

Actors Marc Sacco and Bethany Burrows Gruendike

Actors Raphael Santos and Mary McMahon with Marj Jakiel

Rhiannon Needham, Ricky Needham, and Alex Watts

Actors Kelly Copps, michael wachowiak, and Amy Jakiel

A view of the party

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