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TV Casting Call

Buffalo/Toronto Public Media Needs Host for New Digital Series


for a YouTube/Digital Series: LET’S GO! Season 1


20-30. Curious, dynamic and unique, this role will be our on-camera host for an exciting digital series from Buffalo Toronto Public Media! Let’s Go! takes the traditional "field trip" concept one step further and offers a “never seen before approach” to experiencing culturally and scientifically significant places in Western New York. The right host will: love frolicking, adventure and exploring new places, addressing camera as a new friend; be engaging and warm with our subject matter experts; have awareness of the environment around them on each filming location; they will be authentically curious. They will be able to take direction, interact with subject matter “guides” at each site and crew, and perform well with a script as well as ad-lib on location.


Let’s Go! is a six-minute Buffalo Toronto Public Media digital video series that offers educators, children, and families engaging and interactive learning opportunities without leaving their classrooms or homes. Our “virtual field trips” will provide accessible learning opportunities beyond the classroom or traditional inperson field trips.


Each hosted episode introduces the location and takes the viewer on an exclusive interactive tour with the staff behind-the-scenes. This unique opportunity allows the host to ask questions that a parent or student would but might not have access to on location.


Production will be approximately 10 non-consecutive shooting days between December 2022- June 2023. The episodes will be filmed in and around Western New York (predominately, Buffalo). This is a PAID POSITION. All travel for shoot will be provided or, if necessary, reimbursed. All food will be provided.

First round auditions will be self-taped, to be submitted by December 9.

Callbacks will be in person at Buffalo Toronto Public Media Studios between December 16 & December19, 2022. Special arrangements may be possible.

Regular meetings will be expected with talent throughout filming the season and many of those can be virtual.


Lynne Bader,, Leslie Koren,

To apply, please send your self-taped audition via this form by Friday, December 9 th!

(Or copy and paste this link into your browser:


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