• Anthony Chase

Who was at Matinee? Saturday, Feb. 16th

Rex Keppel and Kevin Shanahan, proprietors of Matinee bar

Theater folk have been hard pressed to find a replacement for Ray Flynn's, the legendary watering hole that was closed and demolished in 1999. In recent years, Matinee bar at 698 Main has been emerging as the answer. We stopped by on Saturday to see if we'd find any familiar faces.... We did!

Matinee is open -Tuesday to Saturday, 6 p.m. until midnight, so it won't be like the old days when you might leave at 4 a.m. before going to Towne Restaurant, and crawl home at dawn. On the plus side, you might get a tip on casting, or a stage management gig, and the bathrooms are far more civilized than you might remember at Flynn's.

On Saturday you could have chatted with the casts of The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, or Almost Maine. You could have gotten the inside scoop on To Kill a Mockingbird rehearsals. You might have chatted with the director of operations for the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission, or the founder of the World's Largest Disco.

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