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Artie Committee: More New Members

Preparing for the 30th Annual Artie Awards

(Left to right) Mary Craig, Carlos Jones, and María Pérez-Gómez,

As the 2019-2020 theater season continues, the Artie Awards team is working behind the scenes to get ready for the 30th annual presentation of the awards.

As part of this process, three longtime Artie committee members have rolled off the roster to become members of the "Artie Award Advisory group," and three new members have been added.

After years of dedicated service, Michael Desmond, Anna Kay France, and Roger Paolini have stepped down. As members of the Advisory group, they will be called upon to share insight gained from their experience as voting members, but will not attend productions as voting committee members or vote.

Actor/director Mary Craig; director/choreographer Carlos Jones; and actor/playwright María Pérez-Gómez; have joined the committee as voting members.

These new members are in addition to the previously announced new members: director Nancy N. Doherty, actor/Equity rep Don Gervasi, and playwright Justin Karcher.

Committee members attend eligible shows throughout the season and vote at the season's end. No committee member votes in a category in which they are personally eligible, or in which they have an identifiable conflict of interest.

The updated Artie Committee Roster is as follows:


Virginia Brannon

Anthony Chase

Mary Craig

Margo Davis

Nancy N. Doherty

Don Gervasi

Peter Hall

Donna Hoke

Carlos Jones

Justin Karcher

Moira Keenan

Sheila London

María Pérez-Gómez

Verneice Turner

Kathleen Rizzo Young

Advisory Group

Mike Desmond

Anna Kay France

Roger Paolini


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