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Seats are NOT assigned

In just a few hours, the 32nd Annual Artie Awards will begin at Shea's 710 Theatre, sponsored by Buffalo / Toronto Public Media with support from the Shaw Festival.

The bar opens at 7 p.m. The house opens at about 7:30. Do not be late; there is an additional charge of $10 for late seating. Money goes to the the Immunodeficiency Clinic at ECMC.

Some details to know -- this is a General Seating event, but seat rows and numbers were somehow printed on tickets. These numbers do not actually correspond to the seating at Shea's 710. You can select where to sit, on a first-come basis. All the more reason to arrive early!

In addition to their regular full service, Bobbie and the team at the bar will be serving a specially invented "Artie Party Cocktail," featuring Loganberry Gin for $12. Remember, on Artie night, a percentage of the bar goes to the charity!

There will be food trucks available afterwards and Matinee will be open.

Happy Arties #32!


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