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Auditions for Dramatic Solutions

Dramatic Solutions is holding auditions for “all types” on Friday, Sept. 6 from 11 am - 2 pm; and on Monday, Oct. 14 (Columbus Day) from 4 - 7 pm.

Dramatic Solutions is a paying gig that involves improvisation and acting. These are general auditions for future projects. These days, in addition to regular business theater shows, Dramatic Solutions provides simulated patient performances for medical students.

Interested student actors should send headshot and resume to

“Dramatic Solutions is an interactive business theater company. We do training by holding a mirror up to the workplace and letting employees see themselves in action. Dramatic Solutions was started in 1998 by Gail Golden who had been doing business theatre since 1989 for many clients including National Cash Register and UAW/Ford. The ‘Magic’ of the Dramatic Solutions Experience includes working in close concert with key internal advocates to craft an original workplace-specific training to reflect the participant’s own environment – their Look, Feel, Vernacular, and their Issues. This unusually powerful approach includes professional facilitation and an interactive Question and Answer period with the audience. The facilitator uses the participants' questions and input to produce ‘Teachable Moments’ that bring the Key Learnings of the training to an understandable level for everyone.”


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