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Drama at Inish?

... and then there were none?

Despite our President's optimistic call for Americans to pack the churches on Easter Sunday, in the theater world it seems to be the height of optimism to postpone shows until summer at the earliest, until fall more cautiously, and indefinitely to be realistic.

Opera Lytes has decided that their production of Man with a Load of Mischief, scheduled for 4-7 June at Alleyway, must be postponed. They hope to bring in for the fall (or at worst in 2021). Their web site merely says, "details coming soon." If there is light at the end of this tunnel, it still seems to be a rather distant light.

Gazing down the list of shows in the roster not yet nixed, we seem to be very near the rehearsal and building period for Lennox Robinson's Drama at Inish, due at the Irish Classical Theatre for an Open Rehearsal on May 27th. There are already murmurings along the lonely rialto that an announcement is imminent.

Apparently pinning hope on the Easter prediction, the national tour of The Band's Visit has not yet announced cancellations in Durham, NC (April 7-12) or in Buffalo (April 14-19), but we're getting close.

For summer, we can expect that even Shakespeare in Delaware Park is glued to CNN.


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