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Gearing back up and looking back

"God's Favorite" at Desiderio's Dinner Theater and Peter Palmisano's Buffalo Theater History

My first post-pandemic (or at least post-shutdown) review is up on the Buffalo News website, previous to its appearance on glorious newsprint in your Sunday edition. The gist: David Marciniak and Jimmy Janowski are great; the play is timely after a period of suffering; the food at Bobby J's is terrific! Why wait until Sunday? You can read all about it at: GOD'S FAVORITE REVIEW

Also this week, Peter Palmisano released the first installment of his eight-part series on the history of Buffalo theater! It's an extraordinary undertaking and an impressive accomplishment, involving numerous interviews and almost two-hundred audio clips. Up first, Steve Cichon and Ron Ehmke talk about the period between 1814-1906. Check it out! at: PETER PALMISANO'S BUFFALO THEATER HISTORY

And before we go, let's have a look at the ribbon cutting for Alleyway Theatre's new doors! Council member Mitch Nowakowski of the Fillmore District helped get the funds. Executive Artistic Director Emeritus Neal Radice and Joyce Stilson were on hand for the event.


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