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Holiday Sauce: Pandemic

Artpark celebrates the season with Drag Icon Taylor Mac and WNY Pride

Please join my husband Javier and me, tomorrow night, as we honor Buffalo visual artist and LGBTQIA icon and activist Ari Moore at the party following Artpark's online presentation of Taylor Mac's "Holiday Sauce: Pandemic."

It's a big queer celebration of the holiday season as the Ibsen Award winning, MacArthur fellow, Pulitzer finalist, Taylor Mac, blends "music, film, burlesque and random acts of fabulousness to reframe the songs you love and the holidays you hate. There is more to the holidays than rampant capitalism and gift giving and in Taylor’s world, creativity and imagination are their own spirituality. This holiday season will be bittersweet for so many— Taylor Mac reminds us of the collective power of our chosen families, a message that will be of particular resonance this year when so many have lost so much."

It's tomorrow, Saturday, December 12, 2020 from 7 until 9 p.m. It's $10 for the show only and $20 for the full celebration of Ari Moore. For details and tix CLICK HERE.


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