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Let Chi Entertain You! The opening shots

In her inimitable style, Charmagne Chi shared a tasteful evening of story and song with Joseph Donohue III at the piano. Focusing on her humble beginnings as a chorus girl, her love of children, and including heartwarming recollections of family and soulful tales of romance, she weaved her way through a sentimental evening interspersed with entirely appropriate songs from Broadway. There wasn't a dry seat in the house.

Okay, what really happened?

What do you think? Charmagne channeled Belle Barth, Sophie Tucker, and a bit of Patti LuPone to deliver an entirely irreverent and bawdy riff through her life and career, with Joe doing his best to keep up. In "Moulin Rouge" style, she interpreted totally inappropriate songs in hilariously appropriate ways. Nothing was sacred, no one was safe, and everybody had fun.

Anthony Chase

Joe and his sister

Charmagne and her sister

Ben Michael Moran and the Horst sisters

The all-star MusicalFare wait staff

Brothers John May and LaMar Webster

Charmagne and cousins

The Manguses. Craig and Pamela Rose.


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