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Murphy to stay on at Shea's

He is removed from supervision of day to day operations

In a rapidly developing story, the Shea's board will stand by their man. Murphy will stay on as president of Shea's, but will no longer oversee day to day operations. Rather, Shea's director of operations Robert Brunschmid, will step in, expanding his duties to include day-to-day supervision of the theater's operations.

Despite a complaint, signed by 25 Shea's employees, the successful outcomes of Murphy's leadership, including record subscription and expanded programming, outweigh concerns about his leadership style, leading this compromise arrangement. The new structure will be tried for six months and will then be revisited.

Members of the board of directors met with members of the staff to announce their decision this afternoon.

Earlier this week, articles by Mark Sommer in the Buffalo News had detailed the complaints of abusive leadership. Sommer provides further details in a Buffalo News article published this afternoon.


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