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MusicalFare returns with "Love, Linda"

A showcase for the talent and charisma of Debbie Pappas

A glamorous woman with dark hair and a pale white complexion wearing blue silk sleeveless dress and a three string pearl necklace.
Debbie Pappas as Linda Porter in "Love, Linda"

"Love, Linda: the Life of Mrs. Cole Porter" is a monologue with songs in which Linda Lee Thomas-Porter describes her complex relationship with one of the greatest American song-writers of the 20th century. It was thrilling to be back in the darkened MusicalFare theater -- albeit after displaying my NYS Excelsior pass, confirming my vaccination status, and with the chair beside me marked off with masking tape.

Two ben in a congratulatory embrace at a theater opening night
Gee it's good to be back! Brian Cavanagh (whose son, Chris, designed sets, lights, and sound) celebrates another opening of another show with director (and the star's husband) Norman Sham.

Three smiling people at an opening night party
Debbie Pappas, still radiant after a one-woman tour de force, with her director/husband, Norm Sham, and Music Director Theresa Quinn

two heterosexual couples smiling at an opening night party
Family Photo: David Chandler with wife (costume designer) Kari Drozd, her sister (wig and makeup designer) Susan Drozd, and her husband Brian Cavanagh

three men in front of a theater lobby bar
All kinds of handsome: Andrew Hayes, Dave Spychalski, and Doug Weyand

three happy people in front of a cabaret stage
Son-in-law and daughter of the star, Sébastien and Laura Barriere with hair and make-up designer Susan Drozd

three happy people at an opening night party
David Chandler, Kari Drozd, and the star's irrepressible son, Simon Mikolajczyk

two men smiling in front of a theater lobby bar
Tom Owen, one of Buffalo's foremost interpreters of Cole Porter's songs, with MusicalFare Artistic/Executive Director Randall Kramer

a middle aged man and his mother
Happy and Proud: director Norm Sham and his mother, Stephanie


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