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The Buffalo News Weighs In on Shea's

The new hybrid administrative arrangement is not sustainable.

The Buffalo News editorial board has weighed in on the crisis at Shea's. Here is a link to their editorial and a link to the full piece.

"This way of addressing the situation may resolve it to the satisfaction of the 10 board members who remain, but it leaves many unanswered questions:

• If behavior does not rise to the level of requiring Murphy’s dismissal, but is still enough to cause multiple staff resignations, should the standard of acceptable behavior be reevaluated?

• Why wasn’t there swifter and more concentrated effort to resolve this situation, which has been ongoing since at least April, and – likely – building months before that?

• Finally, how likely is it that the hybrid management scenario now in place could foster collegiality? Shea’s has a big building, but its staff is not, comparatively speaking, that large. People who work at arts organizations – just as in many other fields – usually do their jobs because they love the work as much as they need the paycheck. What happens to that dedicated, collaborative culture when the management structure includes barriers such as those Shea’s has just put in place?"

Read the full editorial in the Buffalo News


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