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"1776" at O'Connell & Company: Opening Shots

April 25, 2019

Director Roger Paolini with Carol Crane and Mary Kate O"Connell, out of her Ben Franklin drag

Leading ladies Anne Gayley and Eileen Dugan with the show's brilliant musical director, Don Jenczka

Emily Yancey who plays Edward Rutledge with the show's director Steve Vaughan and Pamela Rose Mangus, who plays John Adams

Clockwise from top left: Heather Casseri who plays Martha Jefferson, Priscilla Young-Aker who plays the Delaware delegation, Melanie "Mel" Klaja who plays Richard Henry Lee, scenic designer Matt Myers, actor Sabrina Kahwaty, and Sam Crystal who plays McNair and sings "Mama Look Sharp"

Marie Olczak who plays Josiah Bartlett of New Hampshire, Melissa Leventhal who plays John Hancock, and Sára Kovácsi who plays swing voter James Wilson of Pennsylvania

Vanessa Dawson, Marissa Biondolillo, Michelle Holden, Anne DeFazio, and Mary Craig

Playwright/poet Justin Karcher and director Drew McCabe

Stage Manager Alley Griffin with "Rosie"


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