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Artie Awards Red Carpet 2024

Fashion roundup by Nicole Cimato, Michael Gilbert Wochowiak, and Vanna Deux

A man in a flowered suit, a man in drag, and a woman in an green dress on a red carpet in front of the Buffalo Theatre District sign
Michael Gilbert-Wachowiak, Vanna Deux, and Nicole Cimato hosting the Red Carpet at the 33rd Annual Artie Awards on Monday, June 10th

The 33rd Annual Artie Awards did not disappoint in terms of fashion. Green seemed to be the color of the season. And there were many floral gowns, continuing a theme we observed at this year’s Met Gala. We give you our picks of some of the standout looks of the evening.


It is incredibly hard to narrow our choices as everyone shows up in their best and ready to impress.


A chilly Artie night did not stop everyone from strutting their stuff down the red carpet to get their picture taken. Here are some of the top looks that made us do a double take.

a woman on a red carpet
Michele Marie Roberts

Michele Marie Roberts

Diane Keaton, Celine Dion, and Blake lively are just a few names that pop into my head when thinking of iconic women who know how to wear a power suit and make it fashion fun and sexy. Let’s add Michele Marie Roberts to that list now. Wearing her Karl Lagerfeld, suit she won us over with her sleek confident look!


a woman in a green dress
Bethany Burrows

Bethany Burrows

Kermit the frog was most definitely wrong, because Bethany Burrows made green look effortlessly easy. Green seemed to be the color of the night this year. And Bethany nailed it in this kelly green layered look.

a woman in a red gown on a red carpet
Kelly Bova

Kelly Bova

We can always count on Kelly to show up dressed to the nines. This year she channeled her inner Jessica rabbit with this fiery and daring red fitted gown. Yowza!! Awooga!!


A woman in an evening gown on a red carpet
Alexandria Watts

Alexandria Watts

As we saw Alex walk up to the Arties on Monday, we all collectively ran over to her and made sure she got in front of the camera. She stunned in this off the shoulder taupe gown, which stood out amongst all the bright colors of others gowns and the red carpet. Another show-stopping moment from Alex!

Charmagne Chi

Even with her Artie hosting duties, Charmagne somehow always finds time to come visit us on the red carpet. She also always manages to find a new and exciting look, and this year was no exception with this orange asymmetrical gown. In a year with a lot of patterns and textures, this simple design stood out.

a woman in a pink evening gown on a red carpet
Emily Yancey

Emily Yancey

Emily was radiant in this pink empire waist gown. She shared with us that she wore a BARBIE inspired gown for Curtain Up! and wanted to have a full circle moment on the Arties red carpet this year. It was a home run for us! Red Carpet Barbie!

 a woman in a stunning black evening gown
Jetaun Louie

Jetaun Louie

Jetaun was nominated for playing Shug Avery in The Color Purple, and just like Shug she was turning everyone’s heads in this absolutely gorgeous black sheer gown complete with detailed star designs. She brought the whole look together with perfect styling and this gorgeous half up and half down hair look.

a man on a red carpet
Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Monochromatic is in this year, and Brian Brown is executing flawlessly. From head to toe, we’re obsessed. The accessorizing is perfection - from the puka shell necklace to the nary-a-scuff sneakers, Brian absolutely nailed the brief.


a man in trendy clothes
Kalub Michael Thompson

Kalub Michael Thompson

Normally, I find anything with a whiff of steampunk to be overwrought and costumey. But Kalub is pulling off this brocade corset ensemble in a way that should be studied by any Artie attendees. Add the touches of silver jewelry in? Chef’s kiss.


a woman in a yellow floral dress
Amanda Borowski

Amanda Borowski

If Amanda Borowski had a drag name, it would be Raya Sunshine. This vintage ensemble caught all our attentions the minute it showed up. Instantly recognizable, strong point of view, and styled immaculately. Easily my favorite ensemble of the night. Tens across the board.


a woman in an evening gown
Maria Pedro

Maria Pedro

Maria! We’ve just queened out over a girl named Maria! Obsessed with the simple styling - the dress speaks for itself. This stunner was turning heads all night. The color is an incredible choice, plus the gold pops on the wrist and the ears? I die.


The Dynamic Duo’s on the red carpet this year were in abundance

two men on a red carpet
Marc Sacco and Nicholas Tolar 

Marc Sacco and Nicholas Tolar 

Marc wore a phenomenal jade colored suit with a black lace shirt underneath. The material was that of a Chanel tweed suit. And his husband Nick looked amazing in a classic fit blue suit. Sleek and sophisticated!

a well dressed man and woman on a red carpet
Jake Hayes and Alexia Guzman

Jake Hayes and Alexia Guzman

Jake kept it fresh and light with his kimono inspired jacket and white pants. It was different and felt effortless. While Alexia brought the glitz and the glam wearing a form fitting silver sequined down.


a stylish man and woman
Rolando Gomez and Maria Del Pilar Perez

Rolando Gomez and Maria Del Pilar Perez

This beautiful couple knows exactly what it means to dress to impress. Going with a tan and gold look, they complement one another in theme and color. It felt light, airy, and elegant! Maria was stunning in her chiffon beaded strapless gown.

a man and a woman
Joe Siracuse and Sofia Matlasz

Joe Siracuse and Sofia Matlasz

This year’s Met Gala had a theme of Garden in Time which brought out all the floral dresses, so it was no surprise when we saw many floral gowns at the Artie’s this year. Sofia Matlasz wore a gorgeous pink and red floral gown with pleated bodice. Her husband Joe complimented her nicely bringing a gorgeous shade of green in his suit.

two men
Sean Ryan & Josh Matecki

Sean Ryan & Josh Matecki

While we love traditional ties, bow ties, etc. it was great to see so many men going with untraditional bases to their suits. We loved this sheer jeweled shirt that Sean chose to wear under his blue suit, which also featured a unique lapel - making it further stand out from the crowd. He was well complimented by his boyfriend Josh in this well fit vest/shirt combination.

a woman and a man
Kristin Bentley & Chris Avery

Kristin Bentley & Chris Avery

Kristin always enjoys bringing something exciting to the red carpet, and we loved this gorgeous homage to The Color Purple, which was co-produced by Second Generation Theatre. The blend of colors in the flowers are stunning and the leg slit gives it just enough drama. She was well complimented by her fiancé Chris in a blue suit (complete with SGT pin!).

a woman and  a man
Rhiannon and Ricky Needham

Ricky & Rhiannon Needham

Ricky & Rhiannon always brings it on the red carpet, so we were excited to see what they would have for us this year. We fell in love with this red dress on Rhiannon, and this checkered suit on Ricky. They easily stood out amongst the crowd. Ricky’s tie provided a nice touch - it more closely matches his wife hair than her dress.

two women on a red carpet
Lex Miller and Ariana Lasting

Ariana Lasting and Lex Miller

Florals? For the Arties? Addicted. Sign me up for an Angelina leg any day of the weeks too. The sheer dress with the stunning floral appliqués EASILY made its way onto our list. Brava darling.

two women on the red carpet
Keelie Sheridan and Cassie Cameron

Cassie Cameron and Keelie Sheridan

As a woman of a certain age, I love a full coverage gown. But it can often feel distinctly unsexy. Cassie Cameron and Keelie Sheridan are the antithesis. These gowns are utter perfection. The fabulous colors with an unexpected cut of gown had heads turning all night.


Next Gen Glamour

We can’t forget the younger crowd that not only showed up but put the adults to shame with their style and confidence!!

Daniel Pitirri

This young man exudes style and comfort on our red carpet.

Carter Riccio

Tom cruise has nothing on this kid! Look at those Maverick sunglasses.

Oliver Parzy-Sanders

Oliver was representing his kinky boots family! They owned the red carpet in this metallic blue paisley jacket and those red jeweled high heels. Werk!!

Johnny Kiener

Another Kinky Boots cast member paying tribute in his purple suit and chunky high heeled boot. And who better to work the red carpet with other than his mother Jennifer Sperrazza Kiener.

And more ...

Those are the looks that caught the eyes of our Red Carpet team. If you weren't included, don't think it's because you weren't fabulous! There was an abundance of fabulous to go around at the Arties 2024. Here is a link to the Red Carpet photos and more are coming:

In the meantime, enjoy some photos organized by theme:

Green. I love you Green

Singing the Blues

Seeing Red

Basic Black


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