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Buffalo Quickies 2019

The 28th Annual Festival of Short Plays at Alleyway Theatre

This year's festival featured all local writers.

The playwrights: Mark C. Lloyd, Jennifer Tromble, j. Snodgrass, Jeff Z. Klein, Justin Karcher, Bella Poynton, and Samantha Marchant.

Posing for the 2019 Buffalo Quickies Class Photo

28th Annual Buffalo Quickies Class Photo

Elizabeth Harding Snodgrass and playwright j Snodgrass

Louise Reger, star of past Buffalo Quickies with 13 time Quickies veteran Mike Starzynski.

Alleyway's Chris J. Handley and Donna Hoke, playwright and regional Dramatists Guild representative.

Playwright Justin Karcher, with actors Dylan Brozyna and Andrew Zuccari

Alleyway's Kim Piazza with Andrew Zuccari, and Carly Weiser

Carly Weiser and costume designer James Cichocki

Playwrights Bella Poynton and Donna Hoke

Poynton, Snodgrass, and Hoke, having a good evening.

Playwrights Jennifer Tromble and Bella Poynton

The Buffalo Quickies 2019 Cake

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