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Job posting at Kenan Center in Lockport

Position Title: Production Manager/Technical Director

Reports to:

Executive Director




The Production Manager position is a full-time, exempt position overseeing all production aspects of the Kenan Center including lights, sound, and event set-up. Additionally, this position will work with Kenan’s leadership on show cultivation and curation, advancing artists and productions, and producing events (both theatrical and non-theatrical) across campus. Hours will vary, but a standard schedule of Tuesday - Saturday is likely with flexibility for candidate needs and strengths, with the institutional need for schedule flexing to assist with events in the evening and on weekends.

Benefits and pay range:

  • Pay $58,500/annually - exempt

  • Group health, dental, vacation, and holidays.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Technical Direction

  • Setting lights and sound for Kenan productions including theatre, concerts, comedy shows, speaker series, and more.

Production Management

  • Advance needs for rental productions, internal productions, and touring productions. o Event Set-Up

  • Work with Kenan team on set-up for major events including art festivals, vendor fairs, and family events.

Event Management

  • Assist in the planning and execution of all Kenan events.

Artistic Cultivation

  • Work with Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Director of Arts and Engagement on planning and programming Kenan’s series of events across campus.

Carry Out Additional Duties as Assigned by the ED

Assignments Centered on Candidate’s Strengths and Interests

  • Kenan’s vast mission allows for candidates to use work time to invest in areas of strength and interests.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred; High School Diploma Required

  • Must have experience in the set-up and operation of theatrical lighting and sound.

  • Experience advancing and coordinating theatrical events and concerts is helpful but not necessary.

  • Ability to work nights and weekends as events arise.

  • Knowledge of industry and OSHA standard safety practices.

The Kenan Center strives to be a safe, inclusive workplace for staff of all walks of life. Some candidates may be put off by a long list of job requirements but please note that real-life experience may be a replacement for training and/or education – we suggest, please apply anyway. Our goal is for a staff that is representative of the community we serve and a staff that is passionate and thoughtful about arts, culture, sports, and recreation.

Email for further consideration. Please include a resume when possible.


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