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Marc-Jon Filippone

Friends remember on WBFO

Marc-Jon (on the right) palling around with fellow musical theater greats Norm Sham and Kathy Weese

Anthony Chase and Peter Hall recall Marc-Jon Filippone, a remarkable talent and a vivid personality, on "Theater Talk" on WBFO. CLICK HERE.

Actors Lisa Ludwig, Paula Makar, and Michael La Rocca reminisce about the old days, and share a scratchy old bit of audio of Marc-Jon singing the Theme from Cheers with the old "Popcorn & Caviar" musical revue.

"Back in the 1980s, when many of today's performers (including Michele Ragusa and Corinne Melançon) were starting professional careers in Buffalo, Marc-Jon Filippone was a major figure, devoted to musicals at all sorts of venues, from Ruben's Backstage on Pearl Street, to Mr. Anthony's Dinner Theatre, to the Ramada Hotel in Niagara Falls, to the Lancaster Opera House to his own apartment for after-show impromptu cabarets. Here Shakespeare in Delaware Park's Lisa Ludwig shares some memories, as does Paula Makar and Michael Lo Rocca."

The Shea's 2020 Holiday Card. This cheered me! May the year to come be a year to remember, because 2020 has been a year to forget!


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