• Anthony Chase

Matinee Moments from June and July 2019

Felix Farugia makes his Matinee debut

If Ariel and Caliban are hoisting a glass together at 9 p.m, you know it's raining in Delaware Park! Robyn Lee Horn and Phil Wackerfuss

Reunion of Jordan Levin and Ryan F. Cupello, back in town for a visit

Son and Father-in-Law, Ferdinand and Prospero, Brendan Didio and Dave Marciniak

Brendan Didio and theater critic Eva Heinemann from NYC

Husband and Wife Peter Horn (of "A Time to Kill") and Robyn Lee Horn (of "The Tempest")

A longtime Buffalo tradition: barroom campaigning! This time for a former Irish Classical Theatre board member.

The Hoke twins: Donna and Sabrina, as Matinee celebrates the closing of "Nine" at Second Generation

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