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Matinee Reopens

At long last we venture indoors! Matinee bar, the much-loved show-folk watering hole on Main Street re-opened its doors on Friday, August 20, 2021. The clientele shifts like a kaleidoscope as new shows begin rehearsal.

three men in covid masks pose for the camera
Proprietors Kevin Shanahan (L) and Rex Keppel (r) celebrate the reopening with their number one fan, Steve Jakiel (c)

Same guys. Informal pose.

So good to meet up with friends! Actor Monish Bhattacharyya relaxes with friends after rehearsal for Mark Humphrey’s “Speed of Darkness.”

With my old friend, Matthew LaChiusa. Matt is directing Mark Humphrey’s play, “Speed of Darkness” for a Sept. 9th opening at Theater Loft.

two men smile for the camera in a selfie
Here I am with fellow-rabbit Brian Williamson, who will appear in "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" at Alleyway Theatre for one night only, on Oct. 1st.

Actor Hugh Davis and playwright Mark Humphrey. Davis will star in the American Repertory Theater of WNY production of Humphrey’s play, “Speed of Darkness” at Theater Loft.

Kavinoky executive artistic director Loraine O'Donnell and Buffalo Equity rep, actor Don Gervasi, who will do "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" on Sept. 24th. O'Donnell will open in "From Honkey Tonk to Protest: a Woman's View of Country Music on Sept. 10th.

Director Michael Breen with Alleyway artistic director Chris Handley

two women and a man smile for the camera
Choreographer Kristy Schupp Cavanagh, actor Michele Marie Roberts, and designer Chris Cavanagh who is doing the set, lights AND sound for "Camelot" at MusicalFare, opening on Sept. 24th (Buy that man a drink!)


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