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Matinee Saturday -- 4/7/19

A little "Princess Bride," a lot of "1984," all of "After the Fall," the cast of "The Secretary," and a lot of the cast of "Parade."

Toasts the the town: Melissa Levin, Cassie Cameron, and Jordan Levin -- coming from "Parade," "Princess Bride," "Parade." Two storied productions!

Ryan Kaminski and Matthew Refermat (director of "Parade").

Kristin Tripp Kelley after playing the Peter Falk role in "The Princess Bride" with RLTP founder, Scott Behrend.

Jeremy Catania who ran the box office at Princess Bride with Lisa Vitrano who was fabulously funny in the show and Javier.

Anthony Alcocer, our Inigo for the evening, with Javier, and the Princess's Groom, Patrick Cameron.

Because I just had to. Lovable Patrick and Cassie Cameron.

Rick Lattimer and Emily Yancey.

Marie Costa with Sabrina May and Bob Grabowski (who channeled his inner child in "Princess Bride") and

Katie Mallinson and Maureen Sheldon

Xavier Harris and Shantinna Moore relax after "1984"

Elise Vullo and Lucas DeNies from the cast of "Parade"

Andrea Gollhardt and Bob Van Valin of Post Industrial, which just completed a run of Arthur Miller's "After the Fall."

Lighting Designer Chris Cavanagh with Bethany Burrows Gruendike, who played Maggie, the Marilyn Monroe character in "After the Fall"

Women of "After the Fall."

Brendan Cunningham and Kathleen Rooney, getting along better than their characters do in "After the Fall."

Michele Roberts and Kristy Schupp Cavanagh

Marathon Man Darryl Hart (star of "After the Fall") with his wife, Gina.

Kevin Fahey, Jr. at 20. 11:59 p.m., April 6, 2019

Kevin Fahey, Jr. at 21. 12:01 a.m., April 7, 2019.

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