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Matinee Saturday Night

With "Christmas Over the Tavern," "A Child's Christmas in Wales," "Golden Girls Christmas," and "Elf," in town, every night is a Christmas Party at the Matinee bar!

Santa stopped by after "Elf," which he will be performing at MusicalFare, practically until Christmas Eve -- it's a powerhouse holiday season for Buffalo's premier musical theater, packing houses in Snyder and at 710 Main.

"Cheers" Buffalo edition. The Schupps, Michael Wachowiak, Alexandra Watts, Renee Landrigan, Gregory Gjurich, and Marie Roberts Roberts share a box of popcorn.

Actors Madeline Allard and Anthony Grande

DiVita and Kelly

Gjurich insisted on a selfie.

Renee Landrigan and Chris Cavanagh

Doug Weyand, Chris Hatch, and Michele Marie Roberts

Wendy Hall and her two husbands: Jacob Albarella from "Christmas Over the Tavern" 2018 and Peter Horn from this year's edition. (Incidentally, it is a joy to see 710 Main so full of people!)

Chet Pazinski and Chet Pazinski -- comparing notes.

Wendy Hall, Jacob Albarella, and Nicole Marrale Cimato


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