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Matinee this weekend -- March 29-30, 2019

O'Didio, Cameron, and McBenzin hoist a pint. (The theme is "Irish hats.")

Welcome to Matinee, young Master Stuart Christopher Scinta with Javier. Baby's first theatrical outing was to hear Mr. Griffin Kramer play the piano at Matinee.

... and of course, little Stuart's loving and attentive parents were nearby -- the lovely Christopher and Amelia Scinta

He's no longer 12 years old, and he's not my nephew, but I love him as much as if he were! Griffin Kramer entertains the pre-show crowd at Matinee.

Don Gervasi and Elizabeth Oddy

This photo is a double-dip with the Brazen-Faced Varlets OPENING SHOTS -- an appropriate title for their current show. Heather Fangsrud, Jeannine Giffear, and Lara Haberberger made their way over to Matinee after the opening performance of "The Secretary."

Joey Bucheker shares a moment with Lisa Ludwig. Lisa was boasting that her theater never pays royalties and has never been busted for it.

Steve Jakiel, Shantinna Moore, and Michael Breen

Two of Buffalo's most popular leading ladies: Lisa Vitrano and Kristen Tripp Kelley

The theme is "handsome young latinos": Peter Raimondo, Javier Bustillos, and Brendan Didio.

Having a post-show chat: Jamie Nablo who is in "The Secretary,: and Marisa Caruso, who is in "Parade."

Taking in the music of Griffin Kramer -- Kevin Fahey and Caroline Schettler

Actors Rolando Gomez, Anna Krempholtz, Peter Raimondo, and Brendan Didio


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