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Melinda Miller joins Artie Committee

a photo of Melinda Miller
Melinda Miller

I am pleased to announce that Melinda Miller, theater reviewer for the “Buffalo News,” has joined the 2022-2023 Artie Award committee.

For 32 years, the Artie Awards have recognized excellence in Western New York Theater. Committee members are charged to attend the theater throughout the season and to vote in acting, design, playwriting, production, direction, and choreography categories in May. This year, the awards will be given at the June 5, 2022 awards ceremony at Shea’s 710 Theatre.

After graduating from SUNY Fredonia, Melinda’s first job in journalism was writing obituaries and TV briefs for a “Tops in Tuning Tonight” column. Since that auspicious start, she has spent her career writing and editing her way around the country, from the “Salt Lake Tribune” and “Houston Chronicle” to the “Washington Post” and now, the “Buffalo News.”

Her own personal onstage experience peaked when she had the lead role of Arya, Queen of the Woodland in an elementary school pageant, but her love and regard for theater deepened when she was working as a features editor in Utah and Buffalo, “surrounded by teams of talented arts writers.”

“Since then,” says Melinda, “whether as a ticket holder or reviewer, it has been a pleasure to be part of the Buffalo theater community in the important supporting role of audience member.”

We are delighted to welcome Melinda to the Artie Awards team and to benefitting from her perceptive insights.


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