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Opening Shots at "To Kill a Mockingbird"

A fabulous opening night of Aaron Sorkin's adaptation of "To Kill a Mockingbird" at the Kavinoky Theatre

Buffalo stage legend Jimmy Janowski with Xavier Harris who plays Tom Robinson, Kate LoConti Alcocer of Irish Classical, and Aleks Malejs who plays Scout

Kavinoky assistant director Geoffrey Tocin, executive artistic director Loraine O'Donnell, and Kevin Kennedy who plays Heck Tate

The Smythes (Richard and Mary) -- Buffalo's premier theater volunteers

Robyn Baun and Patrick Moltane who play Mayella and Bob Ewell

Tim Kennedy with first-nighter Simon Mikolajczyk

Loraine O'Donnell and Aleks Malejs

Natalie Slipko and Annie DeFazio, last seen at the Kavinoky in "Hairspray"

Shanntina Moore who plays Calpurnia; John Profeta who plays Boo Radley; and David Lundy who plays Link Dees

Set Designer David King and Diane Almeter Jones who did the properties and set dressing

Ernest "Buzzy" Griffin and Shanntina Moore

Director Kyle LoConti and Ray Boucher who plays prosecuting attorney Mr. Gilmer

Patrick Moltane and his equally talented wife, Morgan Chard

Kyle LoConti with Peter Palmisano who plays Judge Taylor and Loraine O'Donnell

Paul Maisano plays Walter Cunningham and Doc; Jacob Albarella plays Dill

Xavier Harris and Kate LoConti Alcocer

Aleks Malejs and Michael Seitz who plays her brother Jem


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