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Photo Journal

Never will I ask an August sky, "Where did last July go?"

Some summer shots of Buffalo theater folk

August 8th -- The Yellen Bachelor Party

August 8th -Okay -- the Yellen/Dandes bachelor/bachelorette party!

and the evening becomes "Take your picture with Adam and Arin Night?

August 4 -- the "Mommie Queerest Wrap Party

The "Mommie Queerest" Wrap Party -- at Q, because everybody looks prettier in Surprise Pink light! Jimmy Janowski, Christopher Standart, Michael Blasdell, Michael Seitz, Javier Bustillos, and Laura Lavalley

You never know who will show up at Matinee. Kevin Craig and Kurt Erb did on August 4th

August 8th, the night that "Lost in Yonkers" at Desiderio's had an all-star audience!

"Lost in Yonkers" director Lisa Ludwig with the great director/choreographer Lynne Kurdiel-Formato

Actor Tom Owen congratulates Desiderio's for hiring Ellen Horst, seen here, just out of Grandma makeup.

Lynne Kurdziel-Formato (left) and actor Mary McMahon (right) visit with Kelly Cammarata who plays Aunt Gert

August 13th -- "Mommie Queerest" opens. It's time for Summer Camp at BUA.

Actor Aleks Malejs visits with cast member Michael Seitz

The Kelleys, Ray and Kristin Tripp, make good use of a photo spot.

Ladies of "1776" visit.

Sara Jo and Anne DeFazio with Aleks Malejs photobombing, Renee Landrigan looking on, and Chris Kelly standing by innocently.

The amazing Smyths, Richard and Mary.

Directors Jessica Rasp and Lara Haberberger

James Cichocki, David Xavier Hunt, and Emily Yancey

"Oliver!" reunion: Adam Kluge and Chris Kelly

Justin Karcher, with Taryn and Tim Goehrig

Timothy Patrick Finnegan, Adam Kluge, and Steven Ott

July 25th -- The Opening of "Love's Labour's Lost" at Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Birthday twins Javier and Rebecca

SDP Executive Managing Director, Lisa Ludwig, and the newest SDP employee, executive assistant Sean Crawford

Brendan Didio Theatre Administration Assistant/Community Outreach Associate with Sean Crawford

Marissa Biondolillo who plays Lady Rosaline and Ben Caldwell who plays King Ferdinand

Ryan Kaminski and Jamie Nablo who plays Lady Katharine

Alexei Carstensen, with Darryl Semira who plays Berowne, and Robyn Lee Horn, who played Ariel in "The Tempest"

Charles Wahl who plays Moth and Nathaniel W.C. Higgins who plays Boyet

Peter Horn, who plays Costard with Ben Caldwell and Marissa Biondolillo

July 26th -- Diane Almeter Jones' "Forget Me Not" at the Andrews Theatre

Next stop Edinburgh -- Nick Stevens and the playwright

Actors Gerry Maher, Don Gervasi, and Jack Hunter


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