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Remember November 2019

The openings of A Child's Christmas in Wales; Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean; and A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline; Anthony Grande stepping into The Boys Upstairs with a day's notice; casts of all those shows, To Kill a Mockingbird, Interrogation Room, Kindness of Strangers, and every other show in town overlapped at Matinee Bar.

Opening Night of A Child's Christmas in Wales

Brandon Barry, Michele Marie Roberts, Nicole Cimato, Cassie Cameron, and Patrick Cameron at the opening night of "A Child's Christmas in Wales" at the Irish Classical Theatre

Tyler Eisenmann who plays young Dylan Thomas with Kate LoConti Alcocer

The Cushman / Brandjeses: Elizabeth, Owen, and Christian

Lisette DeJesus and the show's director, Chris Kelly

Ryan and Charmagne Chi

Lisette DeJesus, Karen Harty, and Preston David Williams

Sheila and Len London

Debbie Pappas Sham and Rich Kraemer

Charmagne Chi and Simon Mikolajczyk

Patrick Cameron, Brandon Barry and Megan Callahan

Fortunato Pezzimenti, Teja Rao, and Vincent O'Neill

Kyle LoConti, Kate LoConti Alcocer, Michelle Eisen, and Ben Michael Moran

The party moves to Matinee, where it intermingles with the companies of other shows.

The party eventually moves to Matinee bar and mixes with the companiOwen Brandjes, Christian Brandjes, and Elizabeth Cushman Brandjes

Fellow musicians: Edmund Gnekow and Owen Brandjes

Anthony Grande from "The Boys Upstairs," dramaturg/director Katie Mallinson, and Jacob Albarella of "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Steve Brachmann and Katie Mallinson

Katie Mallinson and Lindsay Brandon Hunter of UB

Stage manager Carly Weiser, poet Justin Karcher, and actor James Cichocki

Replacement downstairs boy Anthony Grande, with upstairs boys Jeremy Catania and Ricky Needham

Come back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean opened on the same night

Some of the "Jimmy Dean" cast: Betsy Bittar, Stephanie Bax, Lara Haberberger, Mary Moebius, Lisa Ludwig, and Jessie Miller

The month continues

Steve Jakiel, Shanntina Moore from "Mockingbird," Lisa Ludwig from "Jimmy Dean, " and Simon Mikolajczyk

Actors Stan Klimecko and Don Gervasi

Monish Bhattacharyya from the cast of "The Kindness of Strangers," with Lisa Ludwig from "Jimmy Dean," and "Kindness of Strangers" playwright Mark Humphrey

The opening of A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline

Marykate O'Connell and Matthew Mooney

Melissa Leventhal, who stars as Patsy Cline with co-star David Wysocki, and director Drew McCabe

Buffalo in New York City

On 46th Street with Anthony Chase, Jason Mitchell, author of "The Boys Upstairs," Javier Bustillos of Buffalo United Artists, Broadway actor Veanne Cox, and Buffalo playwright and Dramatists Guild Council member Donna Hoke

On 10th Avenue with Anthony Chase, Javier Bustillos, Donna Hoke, and Buffalo's Alan Trinca who will soon appear in "MsTrial" at New World Stages Off-Broadway

Lordy Lordy look who's 40! (Hint: it's not Mary Moebius, pictured here with actor Vanessa Dawson).

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