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The Shea's Gala -- 4/27/19

When the spontaneous after party began at Matinee, even Mayor Byron Brown was there to celebrate Shea's with owners Rex Keppel and Kevin Shanahan.

Looking good! The Second Generation group and actor Kevin Kennedy

Mayor Brown and Shea's presenter Albert Nocciolino, winner of the Michael Shea Career Achievement Award

Javier visits with three Shea's Presidents: Tony Conte, Patrick Fagan, and current President, Michael Murphy,

Shea's Gala Chair Jon Dandes with Mayor Brown and Michele Roberts.

Kristin Bentley of Second Generation with Lisa Ludwig, after her performance in "Annapurna" at the New Phoenix and Second Generation's Kelly Copps

Actor Kevin Kennedy with Carlisle Lipke Mitchell of the Kenny Awards

Shea's Senior Education Coordinator Jennifer Fitzery with Shea's Special Events and Fundraising Intern Lindsey Clark

As the evening continued, folks from other theaters began to join the party. Here, Adam Yellen, after playing Horatio in "Hamlet" at ICTC, joins Shea's party goers actors Arin Lee Dandes (his fiancee) and Michele Roberts

Actors Elizabeth Oddy and Tim Goehrig with Paige Hollingsworth.

Peter Raimondo, Anna Krempholtz, and Rick Lattimer

Father-in-Law and Son-in-Law actors Steve Jakiel and Steve Copps


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