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Torn Space Annual Fundraiser Dinner and Performance - 2/28/2019

Torn Space Theater held its annual Fundraiser Dinner and Performance, featuring a talk by film scholar Girish Shambu, who spoke about John Cassavetes, at a dinner catered by The Black Sheep, previous to a performance of "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie."

Girish Shambu with fellow film authorities Bruce Jackson and Diane Christian

Torn Space Managing Director, Marisa Caruso, with box office manager Alexei Carstensen

My camera misbehaved (yes, blame the equipment!) but it is still a nice shot of theater supporters Penelope Prentiss and Jim Grunebaum.

Cast members, just after nailing the Thursday performance: Matthew Rittler, Fab Fabia, Stan Klimecko, Gariella McKinley, and Kalub Thompson

After an exhausting performance and with audience gone, the cast finally gets to sample the exquisite food from The Black Sheep -- Gabriella McKinley, Matthew Ritter, Fab Fabia, and Victor Morales


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