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Toxic Avenger: Opening Shots

October 26, 2019 with an opening reception at Shea's Smith Theatre that merged with the Superior Donuts crowd at Matinee bar afterwards. The apparently not too nervous bride to be, Arin Lee Dandes, made an appearance on the eve of her wedding.

Steve Copps and Bethany Burrows who star at Melvin Ferd the Third / Toxic Avenger and Sarah the Blind Librarian

The astonishingly talented Dylan Zalikowski and Jenn Stafford

Patrick Cameron, Cassie Cameron, and Arin Lee Dandes

Lisa Ludwig, Simon Mikolajczyk, and Donna Hoke

Dave Spychalski and director Doug Weyand

Brilliant Raphael A. Santos and Adrienne Lewis

Michelle Eisen and Kyle LoConti

Dudney Joseph and Michael Wachowiak


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