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A Shakespearean Tour of Delaware Park

It's a sure sign of summer in Buffalo. Shakespeare in Delaware Park has returned with a charming walk through the park. Patrons visit various locations to see abridged scenes from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The production, expertly directed by Kyle LoConti, features some exciting young talent and some seasoned Shakespeare veterans. The performances are excellent and the stroll through glorious Delaware Park is marvelous! A pandemic might have inspired this departure from the usual fully staged production, but this edition of Shakespeare in Delaware Park will become a cherished memory for everyone who sees it. Anthony Chase

Three actors in a park. One is a tall man with fairy makeup on his face; one is a smaller woman, and one is a curly haired man.
The three actors who play Puck: Phil Wackerfuss, Melinda Capeles, and Dan Torres

four young actors in Elizabethan clothes
The Athenian lovers: Christian Hine, who plays Demetrius; Nathanial Higgins, who plays Lysander; Sabrina Kahwaty who plays Hermia; and Kristen Bartolomeo, who plays Helena

Three women stand in a park
Tired but happy after the opening night -- Fairy/aerialist Morgan Mincer; Mara Neimanis who devised the aerial performance; and Robyn Lee Horn, who plays Titania

Phil Wackerfuss, who was the first Puck of the evening with Steve Brachmann, who plays Flute

two men standing in a park
As night begins to fall in Delaware Park, Todd Benzin and Mike Garvey have just finished five performances as Bottom and Peter Quince

A young man with a beard and glasses stands in a park, carrying a box of stuff
Sean Crawford, Executive Assistant for Shakespeare in Delaware Park, packs up to go home. The summer is just beginning!


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