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Alleyway Ambition Poem by Justin Karcher

No Finger Sandwiches at This Shindig

By Justin Karcher

It’s the last Monday

of my life

or at least it feels that way

Jon Snow has gone up north

never to return

the Queen’s cold body

on the back of a dragon

flying over the Narrow Sea

also never to return

my ambition along with them

I’m at a celebratory announcement

at Alleyway Theater

but I’m not really paying attention

I’m hanging in the back

playing with a balloon

I found on the ground

it has that weird dust on it

you can’t wipe off

like the balloons

had been hanging out

in a plastic baggy

for a long ass time

before they were chosen

and blown up

to finally realize their destiny

but they’re too old to float

so it’s really sad

anyway, I’m holding this dead balloon

and I’m not gonna pretend

it’s full of life

so we’re back

on the topic of ambition

how I wanna fly

around the room but can’t

I shouldn’t be this mopey but I am

blame Game of Thrones

blame my office job

blame winter in May

blame the new playwright-in-residence

who’s friends with Harry Potter

how they hide out in the bathroom

of a hip New York bar

and pleasure each other

while saying Voldemort

over and over again

that’s not what he’s talking about

but I wish he was

I guess it’s fun

to imagine

the unimagined

anyway, someone says

something about

the future

something about


then the applause

then the mingling

but all I want is a cigarette

so I go do that


it’s cold


too many ill-fitting suits


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