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BUA Takes 10: Stonewall Edition poem

The Stonewall Spaceship

By Justin Karcher

A June night in 2019

on a street you can find

anywhere in America

people still trying to connect

phone chargers shoved into chests

just a little more charge, a little more juice

and maybe we’ll have the power

to right this ship with love

with honesty, with words

we dig out of bruises

but an invisible train keeps rumbling by

you can’t avoid its noise

the grueling dance

between steel and speed

fire snot spewing

from its defunct heart

a monstrous relic from the past

crashing into bedrooms, into conversations

swallowing voices

trying to tell their stories

still a silencing from coast to coast

still priests that turn children into ghosts

still cops that slash the tires in our bones

still presidential wrecking balls aimed at our homes

still no dancing allowed but we really need the rhythm

still they treat certain kinds of love as if they’re cataclysms

still they tweet that glaciers fall from certain kinds of lips

still they cover up our bodies like a totalitarian eclipse

still there are people all across America scared of orgasms

still there are people crying alone, phantoms lost in the static

a June night in 2019

a shooting star in the sky

that gets bigger like a plane

but it’s not a plane, it’s a spaceship

a time traveling spaceship

built from the bricks and blood of Stonewall

a riot in the sky

wormholing through different eras

inspiring marginalized groups to fight back

to love, to be loved, to sing, to dance

if you’re ever feeling beaten-down, just look at the sky

you are astronomy, the Stonewall spaceship coming back around


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