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Elegy for Timothy Patrick Finnegan

Elegy for Timothy Patrick Finnegan


It’s damn near impossible to look into your eyes

And not see a bunch of mischievous leprechauns

Singing Simon & Garfunkel at the end of a rainbow.

Isn’t it beautiful when layers of voices

Fold into one another so perfectly like that?

There are harmonies living in your eyes.

Not many can say that.

It’s a special kind of magic.

Maybe it’s because of your last name

That I imagine a bunch of leprechaun cataracts

Playing football in your field of vision,

Tossing around a gold-plated pigskin

While drunks in the stands are eating too many four-leaf clovers.

They barf so hard that Lady Luck rips their mouths apart,

But you and I know the truth,

That it’s not about winning or losing;

It’s how you play the game of life.

We must be enthusiastic every day.

I wish more people were like you,

Smiling with their eyes

When the days are long

And the nights are blind.


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