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Hamlet Poem by Justin Karcher

The Craft

The same stars

shine overhead

for all of us

so we must create

our own constellations

and never slip on them

it’s how we answer

our purpose

cuz we are the players

the play’s the thing

tragedy that makes sense to us

how we live

who we love

so we watch

actors getting into character

but not really

actors turning themselves

into haunted houses

removing their eyes

replacing them

with broken windows

moonlight squeezing

through the cracks

the feelings we suppress

but shouldn’t

the sunglasses we wear

the audience that leaves

we can’t flush it all away

I guess great art

turns us all

into haunted houses

standing strong

before a billion wrecking balls

we just need

enough time

to tell our ghost stories

for those mangled moans

to find new homes


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