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Memories and Martinis Poem

where ghostly memories hang out...

Justin Karcher reflects poetically on his trip to Mary Kate O'Connell's cabaret show

Three Simple Things

By Justin Karcher

There are some things

I can just stare at

with nothing happening

and be content

a half-lit stage

before the cabaret

piano, bar

and mic stand

I suppose that yes

this might be

what the mind looks like

where ghostly memories hang out

they’re mostly busy ignoring our texts

when we’re trying to recall them

when we’re desperate for direction

when we’re showering with vermouth

that sense of impending doom

sometimes I think that

memories want nothing to do with us

they ignore us, they make us work

for their affection, we have to win them back again

sometimes I think that

we have to jumble up memories

for them to spring back to life

mix them together like a constellating stew

something tasty rising from what’s forgotten

a little bit of magic to undo what’s rotten

to shake the dust off our feet

to shake the words off our lips

that sense of impending joy

hairbrush skyscrapers emerging from dandruff dirt

stuffed animals taking Ubers to the imagination

cities growing in jello mold pans, shape as we wish

and never stand in the back

the music from bars that don’t exist anymore

songs that should always squeeze out of sweaty pores

violins flying in the sky like scrap-scavenging seagulls

the kind of dancing that should always secrete shivers

and it all starts with remembering

a half-lit stage

before the cabaret

piano, bar

and mic stand


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