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"Passing Strange" at the New Ujima Theatre on Plymouth

Opening Shots - May 3, 2019

The show's star, Preach Freedom with director and Ujima founder Lorna C. Hill and choreographer Naila Ansari

Board President, Shanntina Moore, with Rahwa Ghirmatzion or People United for Sustainable Housing, and the show's other star, Brian Brown

Cast members Tianna Livingston and Augustus Donaldson, Jr. (and that's stage manager Maria Ta in the background!)

Geri Grossman with Tamara Alsace and playwright Gary Earl Ross

Director Ron O.J. Parson (in from Chicago for the event) and Javier Bustillos

A happy reunion of Ujima members Gerald Ramsey and Sarah Norat-Phillips

Cast members Jacqueline Cherry, Zoë V. Scruggs, and London Lee

Set Designer Robert J. Ball and Director Lorna C. Hill take a seat in the new Ujima Theatre

D.J. for the night, Amilcar Hill

Augustus Donaldson and Naila Ansari take to the dance floor

A joyful celebration and a new chapter in the history of Ujima


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