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Winter Photo Album

The Theater Holiday Season runs from Chris Kelly's Birthday (when shows close) until Martin Luther King Day weekend (when theater reopen)

The pre-Christmas Kelly Birthday at Matinee

Actors Jake Hayes, Adam Yellen, Lissette DeJesus, Anthony Grande, and Alexia Guzman at Matinee.

Julieana Guash and Dan Torres

West Side reunion, A-Rab and Baby John, Joe Russi and Koby Morgan

Renee Landrigan, Dudney Joseph, Christian Brandjes, and Kristen Tripp Kelley

Tony Grande (currently in "Cops and Friends of Cops") and Jeremy Catania (currently in "Mercury Fur")

Dan Urtz, Matthew DiVita, and Alejandro Gomez

Jeremy Catania, Dan Urtz, Dan Torres, and, back from Los Angeles for a visit, Jesse Tiebor

Birthday boy Chris Kelly with Charmagne Chi

Buffalo State reunion: Jeremy Catania, Dan Torres, and Jesse Teibor, who, in very different attire, did "The Importance of Being Earnest" together.

Loraine O'Donnell of the Kavinoky and Javier Bustillos of BUA with birthday boy Chris Kelly

Rolando Gomez and Megan Callahan (who was doing "Child's Christmas in Wales")

Karen Harty and Alexia Guzman

Rich Kraemer and Michele Marie Roberts

Rich Kraemer, Michele Marie Roberts, and Christian Brandjes

The Kelleys: Ray and Kristen Tripp. Kristen is currently in Annie Baker's "The Antipodes" (an TIP oh dees) at Road Less Traveled.

Seen at Cole's

"Equus" reunion (we won't mention the year): Chris Drajem (in town to promote his book) with Lisa Ludwig and Javier Bustillos

Seen at Spot Coffee

Anthony Chase and music director Jason Bravo at Spot Coffee on Hertel

Anthony Chase at Spot Coffee on Hertel to chat with Sean Cullen and Scott Behrend about "The Antipodes." We bumped into music director Jason Bravo.

Book Launch for "Wandering Close to Home: A Gay Son and His Feminist Mother’s Journey to Transform Themselves and Their Family" by Linda Drajem and Christopher Drajem. To buy the book, CLICK HERE

Christopher Drajem who appeared in many local shows during the 1990s and his co-author mother, Linda Drajem.


The show's stars, Steve Copps and Michele Marie Benzin

Pamela Rose Mangus, who plays Madge, with Steve Copps, Michele Marie Roberts, and Christopher Guilmet

Lindsay Salamone, Jacob Albarella, and Steve Brachmann

Don Gervasi, David Butler, and Seth Tyler-Black

Matthew DiVita, Karen Harty, and Natalie Slipko

Copps and Friends of Copps: Augustus Donaldson, Kelly Copps, and Brian Brown

Robert Cooke, Thomas Evans, and Doug Weyand

Lisa Ludwig of Shakespeare in Delaware Park, with Chris Handley of Alleyway Theatre, and actor Renee Landrigan

Emily Yancey, Jack Hunter, and Margo Davis

Javier Bustillos (center) with Steve Copps who plays Kincaid and Paul Maisano who plays Charlie. Both Copps and Maisano once played Bobby in "Company."

Newsman Brian Wyatt and Cherie Messore of Buffalo Theatre Guide

Michele Marie Roberts with playwright Donna Hoke

Three actors who have played presidents: Pamela Rose Mangus and Annie DeFazio who played Adams and Jefferson in "1776!" and Jack Hunter who played Dick Nixon in "Frost/Nixon."


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