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Poem inspired by "Entertaining Mr. Sloane"

Justin Karcher continues his poetic journey through theater season

Stan Klimecko, Kelli Bocock-Natale,and Anthony J. Grande as a closeted businessman, a lusty landlady, and a killer in "Entertaining Mr. Sloane" at Irish Classical Theatre Company

The Ability to Rage Correctly

By Justin Karcher

When the sun peels off

its cancer clothes

the moon falls out

like a bundle of stolen loot

it gathers itself together

and climbs to the top of the sky

we’re ready now

entertain us please

give us your charming serial killers

your closeted businessmen

your lusty landladies

your blind handymen

throw those poor souls into a room

the psychology of willful ignorance

let’s see what happens

let’s see if someone dies

so give us your pill-popping birds

birds living atop lazy garbage dumps

birds licking suicidal cigarette crumbs

birds who just wanna have fun

throw those birds into the air

the momentum of desperation

an old man beaten to death

an orphan turned into a couch

most of us just watch

but we’re all the same

something burning inside us all

a director’s voice telling us to fall

how should we look at life? like a play

but imagine a sleepwalker in the audience

and it’s the middle of act one

suddenly the sleepwalker walks onto the stage

they start playing a part

nobody knows what’s going on

but the show must go on

at the end, the audience roars

the sleepwalker is a hit

they never wake up

maybe it’s not about the happy ending

but about knowing who you are

where you stand among the serial killers

the businessmen, the landladies, the handymen

what kind of birds you see

when the world finally throws you into the blue

when the sun peels off

its cancer clothes

when everything falls out of it

all you’ve ever wanted

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