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Poem Inspired by "Ladies Swing the Blues" and "Peter the Cat"

Crazy Cat Ladies Shall Inherit the Earth with Rhythm & Blues


I come from a long line of crazy cat ladies

and I mean “crazy” as a compliment

dreamy-eyed mothers

creating fortune cookies out of thin air

‘cause they know that the future

is something only you can make

with hard saintliness

when you fall into the rhythm of tenderness

pulmonary pitter-patter

when you don’t look back in anger anymore

even when the nights are lonely

crazy cat ladies still push through

rescuing songs from burning buildings

they are musicians

without being musicians

bringing comfort with every step they take

a kind of purring that shapes new suns

as far as the eye can see

dreamy-eyed mothers taking kitty litter

scattering it all across the city like pixie dust

here is sand, here is the beach

here is where you succeed against all odds

in a fist-shaped land

scooping up broken swimmers

that have washed ashore

and telling them to keep on swimming

you’re braver than you believe

pretend you’re the wind

blowing treadmills through cemeteries

shake off the dead weight

hey look, I am the son of a crazy cat lady

and am proud of it

“crazy” meaning that sometimes

the world doesn’t understand you

or the music coursing through your veins

but keep playing anyway

there’s bravery in caring

when no one else does

there’s bravery in feeding whoever

or whatever is hungry

a crumbling of food or a plate of dreams

the world isn’t what it seems

but softheartedness is always worth it

when you help the meek take over the cockpit

fly on their own terms, away from all the storms


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