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Poem Inspired by "Navigators"

You're Not Becoming the Person You're Meant to Be


Where I grew up

there were no ambitious politicians

possessing the bodies

of the people around me

when they spoke

there were no proclamations

no grand visions of the future

it wasn’t so much a wind

but rather the stillness

that is left behind

after wind chimes

stop singing

it’s heavy

it weighs you down

but somehow you still feel

as nimble as the ghost

of a ballerina

who died tragically

still full of purpose

but also purposeless

still capable of graceful rhythm

but also stuck

it’s a weird place

but also not unique

a lot like the place

where you probably grew up

growing up

I was surrounded

by bodies of water

but don’t remember

seeing any ships on ‘em

or swimmers in ‘em

I’ve always found that funny

how you’re geographically blessed

with the canvas of freedom

but lack the paintbrushes

to paint your plan for it

I suppose that’s an adequate description

of mental illness

a state of perpetual grief

but you’ve forgotten who or what

you’re grieving for

where I grew up

you learn from an early age

how to be three things:


punching bag


but never a politician


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