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Wedding Poem by Justin Karcher

What Love Does to You

By Justin Karcher

When you fall in love


it’s like darkness doesn’t exist

well, not quite

it simply becomes more manageable

every day discovering new ways of navigating through it

new ways of dealing with it

hand in hand with someone who completely gets you

oh the things you’ll see

auroras of spiders

weaving little webs of sparkles

so you’ll never get lost again

into the woods

with all the breadcrumbs

oh the things you’ll see

airplanes dressed up in flowers

carrying dictionaries

toward your vocal cords

so you’ll always have the right words

at the right time

a karaoke bar

at the bottom of the sea

singing the classics

when someone asks, “Is this it?”

you’ll answer, “We’re just getting started’

every day a borealis of blankets

this never-ending quilt of faded rose gold Polaroids

the perfect vintage lo-fi aesthetic

for the Instagram feed of your heart

when time stops

for all the right reasons & you can relax

like you took some Xanax

but more potent than any pharmaceutical

every day unlocking the secrets of the universe

charcoal postcards & cocktail skewers

floating through space

knowing how to have fun

but also knowing how to find comfort in tough times

because there is strength everywhere you look

sleeping next to someone you love

they’re the double shot of espresso

that gets you going in the morning

every day someone you can discuss your dreams with

someone to be empathetic with

how in Buffalo & the rest of America

the sun gathers together all the eyelashes

the lonely leave behind on pillows

then it scatters them across the sky

may these desires converge somewhere in the middle

so lonely lives are a little less lonely

it’s a blessing

when someone deletes your loneliness

always be thankful

every day be amazed at how much perseverance is out there

be amazed you get to experience that

with someone who completely gets you

street children

holding summer

high above their heads

even though it’s winter

the weight of everyday life

doesn’t feel heavy at all

when you open yourself up

when you’re two instead of one

now imagine life without them

you’re a piano

trapped in a locked room

removing your keys

one by one

but none of your songs

can open the door

now imagine that same locked room

but there’s another piano with you

there’s no need to remove any of your keys

because there’s someone else

& the music the two of you make together

can blast open the door

can part the darkness

then there’s the future

a world of magic & possibility

Shea’s transforming into Hogwarts

the parking meters outside

transforming into microphones

now sing your songs

now say the right words

this is what love does to you


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