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The Boys Upstairs Opening Night with Playwright Jason Mitchell

When the playwright visits, everybody wants a photo with him. Jason Mitchell spent three days with the cast of his play, "The Boys Upstairs" at Buffalo United Artists. He attended rehearsals and saw the sights of Buffalo.

Left to Right: Director Todd Fuller, actors Ricky Needham, Jonathan Beckner, Dan Torres, Jeremy Catania, Zach Bellus, and playwright Jason Mitchell

Rishabh Bhandawat, Jonathan Beckner, and Jason Mitchell

Ricky Needham with Jason Mitchell

Dan Torres with Jason Mitchell

Jeremy Catania and Jason Mitchell

Jonathan Beckner, Todd Fuller, and Jason Mitchell

Jonathan Beckner and Jason MItchell

Jason Mitchell and Zachary Bellus

The Buffalo State boys with their former teacher, Anthony Chase. Needham, Torres, Catania, and Bellus are all Buffalo State alumni. (Torres, Catania, and Bellus were all in "The Importance of Being Earnest," when Chase played Lady Bracknell.

The opening party ended up at Q. Jason Mitchell and BUA executive producer Javier Bustillos


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